London (again!)

We had a fabulous week in London in mid November and really got stuck into the tourist attractions. Although we have passed through London many times this year, we hadn’t really seen it. Generously, my Uncle let us stay in his Wimbledon townhouse while he was abroad, so we also got a bit of downtime and enjoyed cooking for ourselves.

Highlights included:
Harry Potter world – we had so much fun exploring the Harry Potter sets at the Warner Brothers Studio. I got sorted by the sorting hat into Hufflepuff (wrong!) and tried some butterbeer!
The Shard – we celebrated our last night in London with a drink at the top of the Shard at sunset, we admired the view as all the lights gradually came on (at 4pm!!)
Churchill War Rooms – we had a fantastic day here looking at the old underground war rooms, as well as the Winston Churchill Museum. I’d just finished his biography, so I found it really interesting. Most of the museum is untouched from WW2, including the map room where we could see all the pin holes tracking enemy/ally advancement. We also fit in visits to the V&A and the Natural History Museum
Changing of the guard – we enjoyed a sunny morning at the gates of Buckingham Palace watching the iconic guards
Harrods – it was my birthday while we were in London, so we celebrated at Harrods with a high tea. I loved browsing through the food hall there too with all the Christmas decorations!




After eight amazing weeks traipsing through Europe, we arrived in London. We were blessed to be able to stay at my Uncle Jeff’s place in Wimbledon, he wasn’t there, but my cousin David was. It was lovely being in a house in the suburbs away from the hustle and bustle, as we were EXHAUSTED! We loved catching up with David, its been about five years since we saw each other. We did venture into London itself for two days, the first we caught the bright red hop on/off bus to see all the major tourist attractions. Most of the photos below were taken by Dan from the top of the bus – I’m super impressed! The second day we caught up with our friend Ash who is living and working in London, we enjoyed wandering around with her, seeing Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre, and a roast dinner at her house!
Next stop, our new home, Oxford.